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Read this if you're new!

Hi there. So I'm going to give you a little run-down of this site here. Rules, content, etc.

The rules here are simple-be open-minded, be kind, be thoughtful. No "hating" is allowed here. Only constructive critisism and honesty. Any cruelty will be removed.
On this site so far is my blog, a guestbook, a home page with a little intro, a members page and this. I plan to add more over time like music, art, and anything else that fits. Please go to the guestbook before leaving, I'd really appreciate it.
Need to get something off your chest? This is a clear environment to do so. I'm extending an open invitation to guest-bloggers. If you'd like to make a post-picture, poem, blog, song, video, etc. please e-mail me at [email protected] Any picture or video submitted must be "youtube safe". The e-mail is not my main e-mail but I do check it at least once a week and will do my best to respond to you.
Thank you.