Turtle's Shell

The world inside my quaint little mind.


Hiya there viewers! My name's Turtle, and this is my shell-by that I mean world. Here I'll reveal my little quaint life, views, opinions, plans, etc. So this is basically just my blog! I suppose I should start off telling you a bit about myself. I'm a college student somewhere in the states studying fashion. I sew, draw, write, and sing a little. I like anime, role-playing, video games, and reading so I'll probably write about stuff like that from time to time. I'm hoping in the future to share more than just a blog-perhaps show off and even sell some of my costumes and creations or post some songs (in youtube form). Feel free to roam what's on here now and please sign the guest book with any comments or suggestions or even requests. And feel free to become a member I think? I don't know what that means but it's apparently a thing. Well, enjoy! See you on the wired!