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Wanna Get Some Crads?

Posted by Turtle on March 23, 2014 at 7:40 PM

I think I have a problem. I drove 3 hours yesterday to go look at a magic the gathering shop. Why did I do this? I clearly did not think that through....okay so I just sort of went along for the ride but really? Well it was fun anyway. And it gave me a story to tell. At least I didn't buy anything-unlike my boyfriend and his friends. They bought two booster boxes and ended up spending...well a lot. And soon, it'll be me. I don't know if I'll spend nearly as much all at once but...well let's just say the first things I look at when I enter a comic shop are not the comics. Do you think they have a MagicTheGatheringAnonymous thing? "Welcome to MTGAnon." That does have a nice ring to it.

The thing I find is this: we all have our addictions. Everyone has their vice. Be it MTG, video games, cigarettes, popularity, or anything else...it's there. I wonder how do these effect us? Positively or negatively? Largely or minutely? I guess it all depends on your perspective. What are you addicted to?

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