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Yay Spring Break!

Posted by Turtle on March 13, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Hiya peoples! So I'm in a pretty good mood. Why? Cause spring break that's why! No midterm exams for me and spending several days at home in pj's doing nothing. I definitly enjoyed it. I was planning to do some sewing this week but...well it just didn't happen. I did watch a ton of Buffy the Vampire Slayer though. With my granny of all people. She's pretty conservative so I'm kind of surprised she liked it. 

Oooh and guess what I did just before break? I beat another video game! Bioshock Infinite. God I love that game! It's sooo good. I started the first one as soon as I beat Infinite. I also started a new online game thing called Solia Online. It's kind of like Gaia Oline except stuff is more expensive and so far the people seem nicer.  It's not bad. Oh and have you ever played Sims 2? The one for PSP. It's so much different than all the pc Sims games (as in 1 and 3 at least). I believe there is also one for PS2. I played it forever ago; but anyway, I digress. I've had the game for ages but stuff always happen and I end up losing my save file and having to start over again (just like with Kingdom Hearts), but this time it seems nothing will stand in the way of me and beating this game. It's nice in that you actually meet and have dialog with people and are always directly involved with your sim. You have actual missions and goals and what not. Granted, there is quite a bit less customization. Such a good game though. You get to meet aliens and vampires, were-pugs and evil scientists, and even some guy who uses mind control on you to acomplish things....oh and some guy with a robot for a wife.

Anyways that's been my life since Friday night. I'm actually going to be doing a little bit tonight-I'm going to study and hem some shorts for my roommate (why I'm not sure...I don't really like her since she's a compulsive lier and broke my computer and my phone charger...I'm digressing again) and get my mesurements done. I bought some fabric and I'm going to try and put together a couple pieces with it. I did visit my great granny at the nursing home a couple times. She seems to be better but my mom doubts she's long for this earth....I'm not sure how to deal with that thought yet really.

Also-I'm sorry for not posting for a while. Time is more grr than I thought. No matter. I'll simply say I try and post as much as I can. And I promise I won't forget you. Well I'm done writing for the day I think...brightest blessings and have a beautiful day.

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