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Woop! I beat a new game!

Posted by Turtle on February 18, 2014 at 1:45 AM

Well I'm sitting here and guess what I'm doing? Thant's right-avoiding homework. What can I say? Attention is difficult for me. And I'm sleepy...and hungry....I should get a snack. On the bright side my page has been looked at like 40 something times. In my brain, that's awesome. I just wish people would sign the guest book. Oh well, can't force them I suppose.

College was everyhting I thought it would be, and way too much of it. Too much work, but too much freedom to slack off. I feel so...unacomplished...but when I actually do something I feel awesome.

I also woke up sick today. My throat hurts like a teeny tiny cat jumped in and clawed it's way down the back. Owww okay maybe not quite that bad. But it hurts. Badly. And I also have no voice. This is more of an annoyance than anything. Hopefully I do not have strep cause that would suck more than a vaccume fresh off of a diet....too many coparisons or whatever? Probably. I don't know. I've done almost nothing but sleep today. I missed class because I couldn't get up because I was just too exauhsted. I hate being sick.

On the bright side I beat Beyond: Two Souls yesterday after two days. I felt awesome. I haven't beaten many video games. And this game was fantasic-the gameplay, the graphics, the diolouge-I enjoyed every ounce of it. I'm going to play it like 20 or so more times just to choose different thing. The whole interactive story-line thing was genius. There are just so many ways it can go! And there is a HUGE reveal at the end-no spoilers here-that was a total "DUH! How could you not see this!?" moment. Plus I'm completely IN LOVE with Ellen Page. She is a total boss. Completely gorgeous. If I were to meet here and she were to ask me to drop everything and become her "Holly houswife" I'd do it in a heart beat.....okay maybe not. But still. She is such an amazing actress. What's really interesting is that she did all the motion stuff for the game. They put one of those motion sensor-suits on her with over 200 dots on it.

Anyways...I suppose I better get to work. Over and out y'all. 

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